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It’s Prom Season!

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Prom season is upon us, and while I don’t make as many prom dresses as I alter, I have made my fair share. I thought I would take some time to show off some of my favorite’s of those I have made! This Black ruffled chiffon dress was designed by the client. It had a low fitted back, and a sequined sash that sat at the hip. The ruffled skirt had a thigh high slit. This Blue satin asymetrical  dress was designed after a dress from one of the Mission Impossible movies. It was another experiment in draping, and really fun to make! And...

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The Dress That Started It All

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Quite often, I have clients ask me, “How did you get started in this business?” So I tell them. It’s a wonderful story, and I love to share it. It’s a story of love and faith, a story about what can happen when you truly seek God’s will in your life. For all of my adult life, I had worked with children. Either in a daycare or school system, or best of all – with my own children.  I had learned to sew back when they still taught sewing in school. I had made my own wedding gown back in 1977.  For many years I...

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A Golden Wedding

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Claire came to me through a word of mouth reference (the very best advertising!), about a year ago. she had a wedding coming up and had found a dress on a dress rental site that she really loved. The only problem was that she could not get a guarantee that the dress would still be available in 8 months (her wedding date). She showed me the online photo, and we discussed exactly what her specific likes and dislikes were about it. It would not be your traditional wedding dress, by any means. It would be something so beautiful and so fantastic,...

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Adding A Lace Caplet

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She came to me with a gorgeous champagne lace gown. It only needed a hem at the back to get rid of the extra long train. But, she was also hopeful that I could do something to cover the back of her shoulders. The dress had straps, but the back ‘neckline’ dropped to bra strap level, and she had a large tattoo she was hoping to cover for her special event. Fortunately, the lace train I cut off was the perfect length to add at the back of the shoulder area, for a lovely caplet! Since the bodice of the bodice of the gown had some...

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Hiatus over!

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I don’t even want to think about how long it has been since I last posted.  I do know that the last couple years have been incredibly busy and fruitful. Many brides have walked through my door, as well as their mothers and bridesmaids. I have also begun doing contract alterations work for a well known local bridal shop. They keep me very very busy!  It would be almost impossible to list and show all the lovely dresses I have been privileged to create in the past months; so I thought I would just show a quick slide show of my favorites!...

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Oldies but Goodies!

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I have recently been rebuked, by several people, for coming back from a long hiatus (in the fall), and then jumping right back into the hiatus! So, here I am – again! I’ve spent time recently, cleaning out files on my computer, and in doing so, came across pictures of dresses I had made back when my business was new.  Most, if not all, of these dresses could be considered non-traditional wedding dresses – which I seem to get a lot of. When a bride can’f find what she wants in the Bridal Shops, she comes to me!  Thought...

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The Gown of My Nightmares!

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The Gown of My Nightmares!

One of the things I love about what it is I get to do every day, is that no dress is ever the same. There is always more to learn! And while I usually am quite ready and willing to learn new techniques or methods in my craft, this dress became a bit of a challenge (to say the least)! This client came to me with a photo of a super model wearing a lovely slinky silver dress with an organza ruffle effect at the neck.The dress had a VERY low back, and was basically molded to her curves. My client was in love with the dress – with a few...

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My ‘Ah- Ha’ Moment

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  It happened while I was doing a fitting for a special client. She is a lovely young lady, about 17 years old. She is a sweet girl that happens to have Downs Syndrome. I am making her a Jr Bridesmaid dress.  She came by with her mother for a fitting with the muslin I had made of her dress. Not much to look at at this point; just a few scraps of fabric quickly stitched together.  After I finished with the pinching and pinning, I had her turn toward the mirror so she could see how she looked.  As she got her first glimpse in the mirror,...

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This Weeks Challenge – A Lettuce Hem Prom Dress

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Fear can be a paralysing thing. We all have things we fear, or are atleast a little anxious about. Something that we lay awake at night worrying over and analysing. For me, this week, it was a prom dress; with a unique hem. The dress had been waiting for me in the sewing studio; almost as though it was teasing or baiting me to come work on it. Each day for over a week, I would walk by it, hanging in it’s place on the rack, and I could swear it was mocking me. The unique hem on this dress is called a ‘lettuce leaf hem’,...

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A Going Away Dress – Part II

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Remember the last post about the Vintage Gown I am re-fashioning int o a Going Away Dress? Well today I want to show you the progress I have made.  This is what I started with –                   First I removed the buttons, the zipper, the lace ruffle at the bodice, and the sleeves and bodice overlay –                   Next, off came all of these lovely paisley lace motiffs –                ...

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